Rohit Arora, PhD, MSc


Research Associate

Dr. Rohit Arora has over a decade of versatile expertise to the realm of healthcare, He has forged a distinguished career marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. With a Ph.D. in Life Sciences and extensive certifications in ISO standards, he has honed his skills across clinical research, quality control, and regulatory compliance. His journey spans pivotal roles such as Research Associate at the Sunnybrook Research Institute, where he contributed to groundbreaking meta-analyses and healthcare advancements. Prior to this, as a Clinical Researcher at Cliantha Research Inc., he led teams through rigorous clinical research protocols, ensuring both precision and ethical integrity. In his tenure as Quality Assurance Supervisor at Bruush Oral Care, Canada, he orchestrated the implementation of stringent quality systems for medical devices, navigating the intricate landscape of ISO standards with finesse. Overseeing internal audits, training initiatives, and collaborative projects, he cultivated a leadership style grounded in both expertise and empathy. His experience in medical laboratory and medical university has further honed his skills in healthcare research.


Certified in phlebotomy, lean management, and six sigma methodologies, he possess a robust toolkit of skills essential for navigating the dynamic demands of modern healthcare. His commitment to advancing medical knowledge is evidenced by extensive publication record and active participation in industry conferences and workshops. With a relentless dedication to quality and an unwavering passion for driving positive change in healthcare, he is poised to continue making meaningful contributions to the field, leveraging his expertise to uphold the highest standards of excellence.