Sunnybrook Twins Research Centre

The Twins Research Centre is committed to transforming care for vulnerable babies by engaging in research to prevent the many complications associated with twin pregnancies.

Sunnybrook’s DAN Women & Babies Program is a recognized world leader in improving outcomes for the sickest babies and their mothers. Drawing on the hospital’s expertise in high-risk maternal fetal medicine, including the country’s first and largest Twins Clinic, the centre will advance care for families with a twin pregnancy. The Twins Research Centre is supported by the Waugh Family Foundation.

Who We Are

Meet the team behind Sunnybrook’s Twin Research Centre.


Research Associate

nir melamed

Head of the Twins Research Centre

Are you a trainee?

One of our goals is encourage research on twin pregnancies and to train and support the next generation of researches. If you are an undergraduate student, medical student, resident, or a fellow with an interest in twin pregnancies, you are welcome to contact us to discuss research opportunities.

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